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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Trip: Final Thoughts

So you wanna know the funniest part of my weekend in Dallas? It took place at the rehearsal dinner. I was sitting at the very back table with my mom, sister, cousin, aunt and uncle. The toasts started and we listened intently to the friends and family as they shared funny and encouraging stories about the couple. 

All of the sudden a phone starts to ring. I am looking around and realize its Aunt Helen's phone (and she happens to be sitting right by me). My first thought is dear lord, don't let anyone think its me. The phone keeps ringing. Helen pulls her purse and frantically tries to get to her phone. The purse is zipped and she cant get it open. Phone is still ringing {loudly}. 

I think I hear a few muffled choice words coming from Helen's direction as she still tries to get to her phone. By now we were laughing and just hoping we hadn't drawn too much attention to us. Helen pulls her phone out and tells me its our cousin Michael, who unfortunately was not able to make the wedding. 

I pull out my phone and text Mike. Here is how our conversation went:

Me: HAHAHA! Your Mom's phone just rang out loud during the toast and she couldn't stop it from ringing. Too funny. We miss you and love you and wish you were here. 

Mike: Watch this. I'm gonna do it again. 

Two seconds later, the phone starts ringing again. Helen is now using more choice words as she SWEARS she put it on vibrate the first time. Apparently not. Mike said since he couldn't be there, he was going to liven up the party from afar...and that he did! Anyway, we went back and forth like that for a while and by the end, the back table was in hysterics. I am pretty sure there were some sweet toasts that we missed due to our giggling. 


Other travel news: 

Every time I go to the airport this is what I think about:

"How was your day?"..."Not bad. I fell off the jet way again."

Can you name that movie? Anyway, I just want to thank those of you who prayed for our trip (and me flying!). I was actually a lot less nervous than I have been previously, and I know its cause of prayer. 

Whilst traipsing through the airport, CT3 made fun of me for a good portion of the trip for carrying my pillow and pillow case on. What can I say. I like my pillow (and pillow case). Grandma used to make me two pillowcases for every birthday and Christmas. I have a large collection of them and all of my life they have gone with me everywhere. I am not ashamed. These pillows have been to Kenya, England, Israel, Belize, Brazil, and the list goes on. Even when I am 40, I will probably be toting my pillow case. Don't make fun.

Other than that, all was uneventful. I only thought I was going to barf once upon our landing back into Atlanta, when the pilot slammed on the brakes to slow us down. My hands were disgustingly clammy, however I survived. Below is the picture from the one time I looked out the window! 

The weekend was fun, and now normal life has resumed. I had a paper due Tuesday and a test Wednesday. I have gotten through those and am just trying to get back up to speed with normal life. Til next time! 
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  1. LOL...funny stories, Lauren! I'm glad you had an uneventful trip back home...BTW, nice blog!


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