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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


On Sunday while CT3 was at work, my sister and I went shopping. She found a few masks...

Frightening, I know, but don't worry, she's harmless. Anyway, I was looking for a few things for the house and for the porch and lets just say it was a successful day. I didn't find the rug or the blanket I was looking for, however we did score big time on the accessories at a local antique store. 

I think I am going to decorate the back porch with old lanterns, bottles and insulators. The one thing that I could have killed for was this pie safe:

It was gorgeous, old and in great condition. It was priced at around $300 and I just couldn't spend that amount of money. Instead, here is what I bought. 

A milk jug from 1917, a bottle that I don't remember what it says on it, and 3 different insulators. 

Two awesome lanterns! Just the style I was looking for! 

And lastly, I had to snag a few finds for my hubby. The first one was just for fun, and the second {due to its costly nature} is an early birthday present that I just couldn't wait two months to give him. 

A Coca-Cola from 1990 when Georgia Tech won the National Championship

An old copper fire extinguisher. My parents have one that is a lamp...we call it the "fire extinguisher lamp." The ladies at the store say with a special solution that plumbers use and some elbow grease, the copper extinguisher can be polished good as new. CT3 says he likes it how it is, but I may sneak it and give it a good shine. We have already found a great place in our house to display it! 
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  1. Hey, cool insulators...I have some of those here on my desk at work that I snagged from my great uncle who used to work for Bellsouth back in the 40s. Make sure you give them a bath though...they used to use some chemicals on them that can be boss says you can run them through the dishwasher but I might check online and see what others did.


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