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Friday, August 7, 2009


It is 2:12 AM to be exact. I am not tired (though I will be come morning) and my brain is spinning. 

First, let me say to quote the common phrase and one of Third Day's songs, "There's a light at the end of the tunnel..." and I HAVE REACHED IT!!! I literally sang that song OVER and OVER for the past week and a half as I have sat at Starbuck's writing super long papers and wondering if the summer semester would ever end. 

Well, it did, and lets just say, we went out with a bang! My grades came in today and I made all A's - which made all of the long hours and painful papers worth it {almost}. I am officially half way through my masters program and excited to be on the downhill slope! Pray for my next 2 semesters, I still have to get through the toughest two classes in the program - Quantative Methods and some Budgeting and Finance course. Yeeesh!

Anyway, after the good news report on the grades, I was apparently charged up and came home and rearranged all of our office furniture (including breaking down and moving 2 desks and a recliner). Once I got those in place I organized some of the offic-ey junk and straightend up. I have pics and will post them sometime however, for now, I am just uber pleased that it is now a functional space, rather than a storage room.  

After the office cleaning rampage, I continued with the theme of organizing and cleaning and ironed for a solid 3 hours straight. I am not kidding, 3 hours straight. Post ironing, I got set on finishing a secret project. I have re-done it 3 times now. Perfectionist-picky-anal retentive much, I think YES!! Regardless, it is now finished and I am actually VERY pleased with the end result. Pictures to come on that too sometime in the next few weeks. 

Once I finished my secret project, I checked the clock and it was 1:30 am. I decided I would check my grades one more time, just to make sure, then go to bed. Well, of course after piddling around, you now see what I am doing. CT3 just got paged out for a fire call too, which only stalls me going to bed that much more. 

Well, tomorrow is my last full friday off and we are headed to Atlanta. Mom and I are doing our last triathlon for the season on Sunday. I think its fair to say in the last few weeks both of our training has gone severley down hill. Thats it for now, I am off to bed, and hopefully will be more regular around here now that classes have simmered down. 

Happy Friday! 
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