Talk of the Trains: A Walk With Grandmommie

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Walk With Grandmommie

Friday morning seemed to come too quick after last nights fiasco of Champ's inability to get his 70 lb body under the bed, CT3 sleeping on the floor and me awaking every time one of them moved. 

Though we were both tired, we were excited about the day and spending time with Grandmommie. We ventured over to her place and arrived just after breakfast. The temperature outside was cool and breezy, so the three of us went for a walk through the gardens. 

We found a metal, half broken bench along the path and sat down to chit chat with Grandmommie. We watched the birds, squirrels and chipmunks and I illegally picked flowers to give to Grandmommie

CT3 and Grandmommie on the bench, her proudly displaying my illegally picked flower! 

CT3 and Grandmommie on a walk

We continued on our walk and eventually made our way back to her place. Lots of the people who live in her facility were gathered in a common area, so we left her there with them and gave her a magazine, for her perusing pleasure! I tried to take the pink flower from her and place it in her room, but by golly, she wanted to hold on to it!! We bid our farewells and headed on to our next stop, the Robinson's!
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