Talk of the Trains: The Things I Do For My Dog

Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Things I Do For My Dog

Remember last night, when Champ wouldn't settle down to sleep and so CT3 slept on the floor with him?? Well, I am not sure which night was worse. 

CT3 had gone to bed probably and hour before I did. Champ stayed downstairs with Mom, Dad and I, until I went to bed. Champ and I finally went upstairs, and the little booger attempted to dive under the bed. 

Again, he doesn't fit. His head is under and he is stuck slightly around the shoulder blades. He starts flopping around like a fish out of water until some how he wriggles himself under. Now that he is under, he can hardly move. I can see the frame of the bed moving up and down as Champ tries to position himself underneath. Mind you, the carpet has been pulled up so the floor is just wood. Most of the nails and staples had been cleaned up or hammered in, thanks to Mom's afternoon cleaning session.

The sound was ridiculous. Scratching, scraping and thudding over and over as Champ tried to get himself comfortable under the bed. Nothing was helping and the distress didn't stop, so finally I stepped in. Here let me remind you that CT3 is ASLEEP ON THE BED THROUGH THIS ENTIRE EVENT and has yet to wake. 

Finally I had an idea. I would take a comforter and slide it under the bed. That would at least give Champ something comfortable to lay on, shield him from staples and splinters and potentially grip better than the wood, with less noise. I slid the comforter under one side and Champ scooted on it enough for me to finagle it under his bulky body. I moved to the other side of the bed and pulled it all the way under. Success. 

The next thing was to raise the bed and give poor overgrown puppy a little more maneuvering room. I found old elementary yearbooks in the closet and one book in my bed room and went corner by corner LIFTING the bed and sliding in the books. The entire time I was doing this, the dog was UNDER the bed and husband ON IT and STILL asleep!!!

I got to the fourth corner of the bed and CT3 woke up enough for me to prod him out of bed to help. I think Champ appreciated the extra  2 inches of space and I think CT3 was shocked that I did all of that on my own. 

I climbed into bed just before 1 and was restless. I slept horribly however, I woke up in the morning to find my happy little dog sleeping peacefully underneath which made it all worth it (I guess).

Dog palette made under my bed with my old yearbooks stacked under the corners of the bed for a 2 inch lift. 

Champ squished under the bed...the effort expended here is almost worth just allowing him to sleep in the bed. 

Him trying to squeeze out. HA HA HA! 

Next post: Highlights from the 40th annual Peachtree Road Race! Stay tuned!!
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