Talk of the Trains: Chicago

Monday, July 20, 2009


The play was fabulous! I must admit, I have never seen the play (or movie) and I knew NOTHING about its storyline going into it. Once I found out it was about adultery and jailed women on trial for murder, I was a little surprised to say the least! 

That said, the play was AMAZING. I was highly impressed by the amount of talent we have in our local performers and it almost made me want to jump on stage and try my hand at a few of the routines {almost}. 

Pre-play, Hannah and Tim, Jessica and Daniel and CT3 and I hit up the Downtown Grill for dinner. The meal was delicious, and if you are looking for a yummy and fancy dinner, this would be the place to go. 

We were running tight on time and arrived to the play RIGHT as the opening number was starting. They had already dimmed the lights, so Hannah, Tim, CT3 and I had to sit in the back row til intermission, when we could move up to our front and center seats. Again, the play was great and I don't have words to express how much I enjoyed this night! 

I am not sure if I was supposed to take a picture, but don't worry, I left the flash off in hopes of being sneaky! 

The ladies post production! 

I had a great time with yall, and am pretty sure the theater scene will be one we continue to frequent!!

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