Talk of the Trains: Wedding Weekend #3

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wedding Weekend #3

Oops. I guess in my excitement about growing tomatoes and delicious dishes, I forgot to post the wedding pictures from last weekend. Better late than never, right?? 

(Last) Saturday was the 3rd weekend in a row that we have been to a wedding. This one was for two of our friends, Angel and Andy and was in town and easy...kind of. I wore uncomfortable shoes, was cold and it rained (read: severe stormed) for a few hours. The wedding was supposed to be outside and start at 4:30, however the rain postponed it. All of the guests sat patiently on the porch, safe from the elements waiting for a break in the clouds. 

After an hour and a half of waiting, the break never came, the ground was drenched, and they decided to move the ceremony inside.  We all went in and crowded around the reception tables. The area was beautifully set and despite the fact that Angel had dreamed of an outside wedding, the inside barn space was quite cozy and cute. The one problem now was that all of the guests were inside and seated, and the entire wedding party was in another location on the property. For them to come to us would require the bride and her bridesmaids to wade across a mini river of water, not messing up their dresses, while dodging the elephant sized rain drops falling from the sky. 

I was watching and saw as the wedding coordinator went to a few select tables to find people with SUV's who were willing to shuttle the ladies from one place to the next, their one goal, to keep them clean and dry. About 15 minutes later the wedding started. 

The rest of the evening was filled with dancing, laughing and photo shoots. For the majority of the night, us and a few of our friends were the ones cutting it on the dance floor. I wont say it was quality dancing, but it was fun. We busted out 90's moves like the butterfly, the sprinkler, the washing machine, the mc hammer and a few more recent as in the robot. We (all of the ladies) danced to the electric slide and at some point during the night CT3, Cat, Casey and I formed a train and worked the room...Catherine swears that she thought the rest of the guests were behind us in the train, but no, it was just us. And boy did we make that train of 4 look good. 

Here are a few pics from the night! 

Marlo pretending to be a bridesmaid with the table decor. 

Inside wedding

Angel and Andy

Andy's cake. He is Air Force and the cake was very appropriate. 

Angel's cake, bouquet and the couples strong toasting drinks. What happened to good ole champagne?! ha.

First dance. 

The boys. 

Upside down picture that I actually really like. 

Hubby and I. 

Garter time. 

The happy couple leaving. We threw paper airplanes at them. It was really cute and creative! 

Congrats to the Poe's and happy honeymoon in Hawaii!!

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