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Monday, May 4, 2009


Saturday was the Haley's wedding (see previous post). Sunday was school work, errands, working out and the air show.

Sunday morning I got up and got my school work done. I will present on Tuesday and that will be my final project for this class. After finishing my powerpoint, I got dressed for a work out. I rode probably close to 12 miles on the bike and then did a 2 mile run. The ride was a killer and I felt like I was constantly pedaling and not getting anywhere. The winds were strong and at times, I feared it was going to blow me over. Hopefully race day, the winds will be behind me, helping to push.

Anyway, post workout I showered, grabbed my camera and headed off to the Air Show.
As you may know, we live in a military town. Since CT3 works on Sunday and I didnt know who else would want to go, I grabbed a leash and took Ole Champ Champ. I wasnt going to go on base (because they were shuttling people on and I didnt want to go through all of that) so I just parked near the train tracks and joined a crowd of folks ready to watch from just outside the gates of the base. We found us a shady spot to watch the show and Champ entertained himself by making friends with other viewers and their pets.

They had had all sorts of stunt flying and other performances all day long, but I specifically wanted to go for the 3 pm show of the Thunderbirds. They are F-16's and are amazing. They are already passed you by the time you hear them and I was trying so hard to keep up with them in the sky while taking pictures! I couldnt see all the fancy touchdowns and stunts close to the ground (as I was outside of the base) but I did get a few cool pics of them flying overhead.

All of these were shot using my 300 mm zoom lens.

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