Talk of the Trains: Target

Friday, May 8, 2009


Every girl could use an afternoon of retail therapy. Given my easy ability to be offended and my moodiness of late, I took myself out for an evening jaunt to Target. Yes, it made me feel better.

I was actually very pleased with their selection of ladies tops and they even had a few cute dresses. I spent a ton, but some of that was also on new unmentionables for me, because the old ones were holey thanks to Champs overzealous desire to chew undies and socks!

Below are images of the new clothes I got and their descriptions. If you are in need of something cute and cheap, head to your local Target!

Sorry, this one is sideways. It is a green/teal dress and a navy/white dress. The navy/white dress has a high waist, is sleeveless and ties high on the neck. Sounds weird, but cute on. The teal colored dress is scoop neck and has a tie around the waist. It also has cute pockets! I think I will wear both of these to the upcoming weddings we have, so then you can see them on me, versus on my couch.

I also got a fuchsia cardigan, a purple spaghetti strapped top, a white sleeveless top, a purple sleeveless top, a navy dress top with some navy design on it and a navy skirt.

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  1. Daaaang you were REALLY down in the dumps!! LOL I love your new wardrobe though! I just love target ;)

    I am actually going there today...!

  2. I need retail therapy. Now. :-)

  3. i bought that blue and white dress! love it :)


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