Talk of the Trains: Rain and Laser Pointers

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rain and Laser Pointers

The greater part of the evening last night was spent on the back porch. I was all bundled up and reclined in a outdoor chair, with my camera in hand. Champ was running in the rain chasing frisbee's, tennis balls and random mosquito's. CT3 was in sweats and his rain jacket, armed with a laser pointer. 

In efforts of wearing out the munchkin man, we would shine the laser pointer around the backyard and watch as he chased. Though the chasing was fun, the puddles were better. CT3 would point the laser in a puddle of water and Champ would jump in as if trying to tackle the light. After an hour or so of quality dog entertainment, I was cold and Champ was soaked. We packed up and headed back in. It has been a fun, relaxing night! 

I love my dog and my hubby (and the laser pointer).

CT3 and Champ playing in the rain. 

YES! Right in the puddle! HA!

 Looking for Mr. Light. 

Champ soaked. 

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