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Thursday, May 28, 2009


We have one room in our house that is our nemisis. It contains the random boxes that are left over from the move...yes, you know the ones. The ones where whatever stuff is left over in the old house that you "dont know whether you should trash or keep" just gets thrown into for a later sort date - those boxes. 

Well, the time is long overdue to sort them and this weekend I am proud to say I made strides. Now it wasnt a ton, but it was enough where a path is cleared through the center of the room and where someone could actually get in there and sit and think, should they choose to do such a thing. 

In all of those boxes was one that contained all of CT3 and my wedding stuff and wedding cards. As I have set the project aside for 14 months now, I am proud to say all of the sweet cards friends and family gave us are organized into two scrapbook type albums. They are by no means fancy, but a fun reminder of those who love us and shared our special day with us. 

The mess started like this:

By the end it looked like this:

The first page looks like this: 

And includes details such as the church carpet color swatches, wall paint color swatches and the bridesmaids dresses color swatch - all coordinated to match! 

It includes step by step phases of the programs I mimicked, the transitions it went through and the final copy of ours:

And pages upon pages of fun note cards written by friends and family:

I am happy to have this organized as not only does it clear out a box, but it nicely puts together memories so precious to both CT3 and I. Yay for cleaning!! 

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