Talk of the Trains: Offended

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Yall watch what you say to me!! Lately I have not been my normal laid back, easy going self and I seem getting offended and (unintentionally or intentionally) responding much more often than normal.

Maybe I am overwhelmed cause of school, or maybe I am tired of ridiculous people, or maybe it is PMS but whatever it is, needs to stop. Here have been the happenings one Sunday, one Monday and one Tuesday, that I have all gotten offended at and responded to:

CT3 and I were in line for a unisex bathroom. I went first and walked out. He took a step towards the door and a lady literally ran by him, bumped me and my purse as she went and scooted in the bathroom as if there wasn't a line and wasn't people standing RIGHT in front of the door. Her daughter stood half next to us and half in front of us as well, following her mothers lead.

Apparently she didn't have to go THAT bad, because then she turned around and said innocently, "Oh, were yall in line?" CT3 responded and said, "You can go ahead." Then me being the bold wife that I am and of course feeling the urge to HAVE to stand up for my husbands turn in the bathroom line I blurted out, "But yes, we were in line." Then the cutting-in-line bathroom lady said, "Well is this the only bathroom?" Which we explained that yes it was but for her to feel free and go this point I am now getting really annoyed because she is telling us to go find another bathroom. I realize she is probably venting her frustration that this was the only one, however its not my problem and she could wait in line like the rest of us.

Anyway, she went into the restroom and we left. CT3 said he would come back later.

I was out walking Champ and we passed another couple with a dog that looked like a golden/collie mix (I will call her "Goldie"). As we approached, Champ and I migrated to the other side of the street so that all pedestrians and their pups could have their respective space. The other owners let Goldie cross the street on her leash towards Champ. At that point I stopped because Champ was interested and since they were letting theirs cross towards us, I figured they wanted to let the dogs say hello.

I greeted the couple as they stopped, commented on their pretty dog and let Champ walk slowly towards them. The lady said, "Don't let the dogs meet! Ours is a pound puppy and you know how they are!" Of course this sets me off. My little Champ Champ is a pound puppy, but he is a DARN good one, with manners, socialized and friendly. I politely said, "Oh, that is where we got Champ too!" The lady responded with something else about pound puppies and then as I walked off I told her that we did Petsmart training school and it was very helpful.

I understand that all dogs have different demeanor's and that some are better and some are worse than others. That said, not all pound puppies are from the devil and contrary to what this woman may think, they are VERY trainable! Champ and I are here to prove it!!! It would have been much easier if she just said that her dog didn't do well around other dogs, or something of the like, versus stereotyping the pound puppies.

I was in class and we were on a break. There is a girl in my class who seems nice, but is a know it all. Every time the teacher says something, she feels the need to correct, argue or contradict. Whatever.

Well, last night I walked in and she said, "There is a guy I work with and his daughter went to your school and they said that yall have the worst customer service and were very unhelpful so they have transferred."

The thoughts that ran through my head: Seriously??? Are you a policeman or do you enjoy going around bashing other people and their organizations? Does it make you happy to make others feel crappy?? Fine you, win.

I replied with your standard, "really?? How long ago was it? we have made some recent changes within the past two years in efforts of bettering our customer service, blah blah blah." She went on to tell me (with a snide look on her face and her nose in the air) about how recent it was and still how miserable the girl was and how my organization sucks.

I told her that we had actually been recognized for the past 2 years for customer service initiatives within the University System of Georgia and though I don't doubt that there are people that aren't pleasant or aren't available to help, that there were good people who tried hard to do the right thing. Anyway, the most frustrating part of it all was that she kept blaming it on my campus (a satellite campus where the family was apparently getting all of their information) and talking about a department THAT WE DON'T EVEN HAVE HERE!!!!!

That should have shown me that the argument was pointless as she obviously didn't have her facts straight.

Alright, well thanks for letting me vent. Am I being ridiculous??? Maybe, I mean my stories are about my dog and the bathroom -none of which are life or death- but seriously. If people could just take a break from offending me for at least the next few days, I will take a chill pill and be back to my normal perky self hopefully by the weekend. Pin It Now!


  1. Awww... poor Lauren! I totally understand and can sympathize. People just aren't very friendly these days. I don't understand why. No one likes it when others are rude to us, so why then act that way to others? Why can't we all live by the Golden Rule!?

  2. I'm sorry dear :( I have those weeks...something or someone discouraging comes along WAY too much! But try not to lose hope and look forward to the things to a certain Bday ;) Don't let them dampin' that sweet fun spirit you have! There are soo many more of them than there are of you!! Apparently the aren't happy in Jesus like you are! And no, ridiculous you are not!!

  3. Yay for the "Golden Rule". However, just wait until you have a kid, and some dipwad says something about your wonderful kiddo. I say, "put the boxing gloves on!"


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