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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

In Training

I have done well training this past week. The triathlon is only 2 weeks away and though I feel okay now, I still have a long way to go. My weekly workouts were as follows:

-35 lap swim and a 8 mile bike 

-30 lap swim and a 4 mile bike (I was going to go for a run after, but the storms got bad so I had to head in early). 

-11.5 mile ride and a 2.2 mile run

I hope over the next two weeks to get in 5 or 6 more good workouts. I feel like I am getting stronger, I just hope I have the endurance to do the race. I have started cooking more and eating healthier (i.e. my inspiration for my new "delish dish" posts) and have cut back on the sodas and starbucks. Of course, I am yet to shed any pounds. 

In other news, Mom just bought me a pair of race shorts. She will deliver them to me next week (hopefully) when she comes down for a practice run of the race. We will do shorter distances, but still get the feel for the whole thing. She may be renting me a bike too. Why, you ask?? Well, my "Old Faithful" that I have been riding on is a hand-me-down from Mom, which she purchased like 20-something years ago. I cant change one of the gears and its painted like its straight out of the 80's - oh wait, it is!! 

It still does the job, and gets me around town, but we will see what Mom comes up with in the bike renting category. I am just praying that it will have been made in this century. If not, come May 30, me and Old Faithful will be at the start line waitin' and rarin' to go.

I also bought some new swim stuff (thank you, Target). A swim cap, which I am pretty sure is going to shed minutes off of my time, a pair of goggles, which hopefully will make it more than 8 laps with out needing to be defogged, and a pair of webbed gloves for water resistance training. If the gloves dont make me any faster, at least my arms will look better, right??  

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  1. I'm gonna need a picture of you sporting the webbed is hilarious in my mind...I just need confirmation!


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