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Sunday, May 3, 2009

H Squared

Hannah is married!!! Her wedding was a blast and she was a radiant bride! Hannah and I work together and I felt honored that I was invited to the wedding. Quite honestly, I am also kind of sad its over, cause I always look forward to my weekly phone calls to see how wedding plans were coming along! 

Anyhoo, Hannah's dad is a minister and so he married them. It was precious and you could tell her dad was holding back emotions while trying to be the distinguished pastor. His nerves/emotions showed when he said "Hannah, repeat after me. I Hannah, take you Timothy, to be my wedded wife."

We all busted out laughing, as did Hannah and Tim, and then Pastor Rick just shrugged it off and started over with the vows. At the end of the ceremony, when he exited, he was supposed to get his wife and walk out of the processional with her, but he forgot. He got to the front of the church then turned back around, walked back down the aisle and got her. The whole crowd was laughing and again, he just made the most of it and kept on going! 

The food at the reception was delish and CT3 and I just moseyed around looking at scenery and sippin on lemonade. The wedding party was taking pictures down by the lake and CT3 and I ventured a little closer to watch. One of the grandmothers was walking slowly and carefully behind us. She made a comment about how she didn't want to fall in her dress and cause a scene, so I graciously offered my husband to be her new escort. She quickly took his arm and off they went towards the wedding party. At that moment Hannah looked up and saw them and giggled. It was quite humorous and I just used the whole thing as an excuse to get closer to snap a few shots! 

As the night went on, CT3 and I were tired and needed to get back to Champ Champ. We were headed out and stopped for a few minutes by the fountain to watch the people dancing and just take in a few more moments of the reception. At that point a little boy came running up, jumped up on the fountain, ran around the edge, busted and tumbled into the water. He wasn't hurt but was embarrassed and crying. I wanted SO badly to take a picture, but I refrained. 

It was a fun Saturday afternoon!!! Here are pictures of the new Hannah Haley!! 

Here comes the bride!! 

Mr. and Mrs. 


Taking pictures.

Bride and grooms first dance. 

The Haley's and I. 
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