Talk of the Trains: A Growing Garden

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Growing Garden

My tomatoes are growing!!!!! I am ecstatic! I mean, I totally expected them to grow, but at the first sign of these little guys it was like Christmas. I ran out (in the rain) to photograph them, then yelled at CT3 and made him come out so I could show him. 

3 little tomatoes!! 

A close up of one! I cant wait to eat it!! 

In honor of my growing garden, and of the torrential down pours we have had all week long, I finally invested in a pair of cute $20 golashes. I have wanted some for a while now, but since my feet don't fit into the Dora the Explorer or Winnie the Pooh decorated ones, I have waited til I found some more age appropriate. 

I also found this book called "Cultivating Life" that has all sorts of backyard projects and crafty things in it. I am excited about browsing and maybe learning a few new things! I am also thinking that for next year, CT3 and I are going to have to expand my little garden. It has already gotten too big for its britches!!

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  1. Yeah! how exciting! your first fruits of labor :)


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