Talk of the Trains: Commencement

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Weird. The Student Ambassador program started in December of 2008. I poured hours into writing the expectations, rules and duties for the program. I spent many hours praying over the program and the students that would apply. Many that I talked to at the college had their doubts about the program even taking and I just kept on praying that we would have a handful of quality students turn in their application. 

I even vividly remember driving down I-16 East when I was going here and almost in tears just crying out that the Lord would bless this program. I know it sounds silly, but so much work had gone into it and so many people had their doubts, that I knew if it was going to work, it would have to be a God thing, not a Lauren thing. 

Long story short, last December we had 51 applicants that we interviewed over a 2 day period, followed up with references, checked their grades and selected 21 to represent the college as Ambassadors. On Friday, 5 of them graduated. I have merely known them for half a year now and I was slightly nostalgic. 

Eleven of my remaining Student Ambassadors were working at graduation as ushers and I had initially gone, not to watch graduation, but for moral support for the ones working and to be available to help if needed. Everyone at work always says, "if you need a reminder of why you work here, just go to graduation." I didn't need a reminder, as I love my job, and the people I work with, however I was proud of my Ambassadors as they called out their names for them to walk across the stage and receive their diploma. 

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