Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Club 27

As of Monday, I joined the ranks of the other 27 year olds out there. No, I don't feel or look any older, however the realization that I am closer to 30 than 20 is hitting hard!

It was a normal day at work, with the exception of my phone and in boxes being flooded by some of my favorite people ever. To name a few, I had phone calls, texts, emails or notes from: Hubby, Jessica M., Jessica B., Em, Rach, Liz F., Liz M., Tash, Monica, Megs, Mom, Dad, Sister, Christina, Julie, Kristina, Lester, CT3's parents, Jan, Grandma, Merry, CT3's fire station guys, co-workers who sung and brought cookies...and of course a slew of people via facebook!

It made me feel so special and truly loved to be able to talk to or hear from all of the dear people in my life, so THANK YOU! As if the calls and notes weren't enough, I was blessed by lots of fun, thoughtful gifts, mentioned below.
  • Jessica gave me a book about the Jewish Feasts (super excited about!!!).
  • Elizabeth M. sent me cookies and a sweet note.
  • My parents, grandmother, in-laws and aunt all gave me $$$.
  • I got all A's ...quite possibly the most exciting and worked for present!
  • Hubby gave me a NEW CAMERA, a book, a game for the Wii and a Road ID.
  • Megs left me a message saying she had dropped a little something in the mail (which I excitedly check the mail daily for now).

The cash I received burned a hole in my pocket pretty quickly as last nigh I splurged a little on a Blackberry. I have spent today trying to learn the ropes of my new handheld and other than my email accounts responding to the wrong ones, I am pretty set! My contract was up with my phone company and so with my renewal, I got a $400-something dollar phone for only $99. Not too shabby!

CT3 and I have yet to celebrate (i.e. dinner and cake). He had fire training the night of and though I prayed and hoped he would get out early, there was no way he could. I tried to be understanding, and I was through most of the night, however in the end, my emotions got the best of me. Me in all of my girlishness and desires to celebrate my day-o-birth threw a slight** pity party for myself. Oops.

Anyway, at CT3's fire training, it was their "live burn night" where they set cars and trailers on fire and go running into burning buildings for practice...scary, huh?? (He assures me EMS are on scene for stuff like this). Because they only do this twice or so a year, it is something that cannot be missed. He actually videoed the drill on his all-terrain-heat-indestructible-video-camera and maybe he will let me post a video of them in action!!

I have pictures and will post them soon...in the mean time I will still ponder my closer proximity to 30 and look forward to continuing birthfest celebrations with dinner and cake tonight!!!

**Slight = slightly out of control :)

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  1. Club 27 is original. In Tucker, on Lawrenceville Hwy, there's a Club 72, but you have a few more years before that one!


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