Sunday, May 10, 2009

Charleston Wedding

Wedding weekend number two was in Charleston, SC. My cousin Chris was getting married to Jen, a girl he had met in college at Clemson. The wedding was gorgeous and the reception was at the places of places in downtown, The Mills House. The hotel we stayed at and had the rehearsal dinner at had a spectacular view, and even a fireworks show! It was great seeing family and though it was a quick trip, it was quite enjoyable.

Thursday night, I was up late finishing my final exam. I packed late that night and went to bed about 1:30. I was up by 6:45 to get downtown for Commencement and after the graduation, I flew home, picked up CT3 and we hit the road for Charleston. Earlier that morning CT3 had dropped Champ off at "camp" and then he had gotten the house straight, etc and was just waiting on me to get home. 

We arrived just in time for the rehearsal dinner on Friday, and had and enjoyable time chit chatting with family and relaxing. The next morning we got up, went to Marion Square and tooled around with my mom, dad and sister. We went back to the hotel in time to catch a quick nap and get ready for the wedding. The wedding was at 4:30 and we arrived early to get good seats and take a few photos. After the ceremony there was a sit down dinner at one of the nicest hotels in Charleston. The food was delicious and after cake, CT3 and I said our goodbyes and hopped in the car for the trip back. 

It was almost 9:45 when we left, and just before 2 am when we arrived home. CT3 drove first and just before midnight, I took the wheel so that he could sleep. There was no one on the road, but I was a little nervous driving because I kept seeing deer all over the place. Anyway, CT3 had requested the day off a few months ago,  but for some reason wasn't able to take it, therefore making us have to drive back late in the night. It worked out fine, but I know he was exhausted today walking into the plant at 5:45 am. 

This morning I slept in and had a wonderfully relaxing day. I practiced the piano, took CT3 lunch at work, picked up Champ from camp and read my book. Despite the business and all that has gone on, it has been a great weekend. 

A few funnies that happened are mentioned below, as well as pictures!
  • At the rehearsal dinner when Chris (who NEVER speaks - like my sister and I thought he was mute never talks) was giving his toast and told us all that, "his late grandmother never liked him until Jen came along."
  • At the rehearsal dinner when Jordon (cute 4 year old blond pictured below) ran around to everyone doing the give me five thing saying,  "Up high, To the side, To the other side, In the grass....YOU PASS GAS!!!"
  • At the rehearsal dinner when Jordon did the pass gas thing to my dad, but dad was too quick for him and got his hand...Jordon yelled, "Aw, come on!!!" as he frustratedly ran away to find a new victim. 
  • After the rehearsal dinner when the family was hanging out and Chris and Mike told my family that they were always scared of my cat Punkin cause my dad always made Punkin attack them. 
  • Same hang out time when they told my dad they were afraid of him when he told them he would hold him down with one finger (basically putting his finger on a pressure point on their chest and they cant move.)
  • At the wedding when Rich (the littlest ring bearer) went down the aisle, then turned around and ran back up it yelling for his mom. 
  • At the reception when Jordon came up to tell me that he wanted to dance and I told him I would after I finished eating. He then reached up on the table grabbed food off my plate and ran off. 
A fun night was had by all! Congrats Chris and Jen! 

The beautiful bride!

Circular Congregation Church

Stephen and Jordon

Chris and Jen

The wedding party. 

Going for a carriage ride. 

Kristin and I with Stephen

My little date and I

Table decor

The Mills House reception site

Mom and her brothers and sister

Cake cutting! 

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  1. I was so happy that you and Comer made the huge effort to be there for the family!! You're the best!


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