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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A week from today I will turn 27 and my sister will turn 24. We are 3 years apart to the day. In fact my mom had to jet at the end of my 3rd birthday to go have the little rat! Despite me getting shafted for her coming into the world, things have turned out a-okay. Kristin is a great sis, Mom and Dad always celebrated us equally and Grandma always made us separate cakes. It made sharing a birthday actually pretty fun!

Now we don't do much to celebrate other than our phone calls to each other which normally go something like this:

Whoever places the first call - "Hey. Happy Birthday."
Other person -"Thanks You too."
Initial caller - "Thanks. What are you doing today?"
Other person - "I dunno probably nothing exciting, you?"
Initial caller - "Eh, not much. Did you get anything fun?"
Other person - "$50** from Grandma."
Initial caller - "Me too."

...and so on and so forth!!

This year the whole family will be in Charleston the weekend before so it will be fun to be together. Right now other than the standard girly desire to receive clothes for my birthday (anything from HERE is good) I don't really want (or need) much. As always, gift cards to here and here will be much appreciated as well.

JMac gave me an early present, which is a book about celebrating the Jewish feasts, and I am super excited about having the chance to sit down and read that! I am also hoping my professors give me two A's for my birthday - ha!

SOO, if money grew on trees, here are a few big ticket items that I would buy for myself. I am saving mula for them too, so cold hard cash is always good and please email me if you'd like my address. I accept cash, check, money order, pay pal and direct bank transfers. Okay okay, just kidding. Anyway, if I had all of the money in the world and aside from purchasing trips to New Zealand, Australia, India, Switzerland and Africa, here is what I would go splurge on for my birthday:

A crackberry! This will hopefully soon be attained, however, first I need to talk to mom and see when my plan is up and I am available for an upgrade. Until then, I will probably just longingly wish for one.

I already have a digital SLR, but it is time for an upgrade! The one I want is a newer Nikon model that you can do In-camera editing and RAW processing on. I want the zoom lens too as I currently don't go anywhere without both lenses in tow. I have also found where I can trade in my current model and get credit or money towards the next so I will probably do that when the time is right!

Lastly, another camera. Everyone who knows me will tell you I ALWAYS have a camera on me. The smaller one goes everywhere and is always in my purse which is usually why I rarely have a blog with out pictures. Every time something blog worthy (or non blog worthy) happens, little Canon is there to document!

I am much better (and more comfortable) behind it rather than in front of it...actually I take that back. I am a ham in front as well, however the one I currently have (which is almost the exact same as the one above -i think- but an older model) is slightly busted. It still works however the zoom sticks so to zoom in and out you have to do it manually. i.e. walk forwards or backwards depending on the subject and the proximity you desire to shoot from.

Anyway, I am looking forward to next week, if for nothing else, the ability to eat cake guilt free for days on end. I think CT3 and I are going to go out to celebrate the day after (he has fire training the night of and they are doing a live burn) and other than that, I will just be relaxing and FINALLY enjoying a few weeks with out class!! Yay for birthdays!!

***Sidenote, now that we are in a recession, our Grandma checks have decreased to $25 a birthday. I am not picky and will take whatever I can get! He he he!!
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  1. Z-O-O-O-O-O-M....Lauren, it's your birthday!!


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