Talk of the Trains: Birthfest Week

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Birthfest Week

Hi yall...sorry for the delay. Its been busy around here so I am just getting around to posting. As previously mentioned, CT3 had fire training on the eve of my birth. He snuck out of work to run home and drop off some flowers and a card so though he wasn't home, I would know he was thinking about me. 

Later that evening we opened presents. I ordered my Road ID (see previous post) and it should be here Monday, and I have ordered my camera which too should be here Monday. Expect a picture post after that with images of my new fun toys! 

Tuesday night rolled around and we were going to go and eat out and celebrate that night. As we didn't want to miss the season finale of the Biggest Loser, we ended up postponing the birthday dinner and just hitting up a few stores. 

Wednesday night rolled around and we had discussed doing dinner and cake that night. However, instead of going to dinner, I wanted to go work out. The pool that I work out at is only open certain times of the day and for me to stay on track with my triathlon training, I had to get in a workout today. CT3 had been at work since 4 am that day, so I think he was okay with putting off the birthday dinner for one more night. He still bought me my all time favorite birthday cake that we pigged out on and he even sang to me. 

Carvel cakes are my favorite. 

Yum. Icing, vanilla ice cream, roach turds (what we called the crumbly cake inside stuff when we were kids and I apparently still refer to them as such) and chocolate ice cream. Heavenly. 

Yes, I love cake. 

Thursday night dinner date finally rolled around! I was excited and hurried home from work to get dressed up. We went to a favorite restaurant of mine called Leta's. CT3 ordered the filet and I ordered the prime rib. I asked for it to be cooked medium. Long story short, the first time it came out it was cold and completely rare throughout and the second time I sent it back, it was just slightly more done. CT3 was finished eating by the time my meal came out and so though it was okay, it wasn't the dinner date we had planned on. 

Post dinner we stopped by a new place in town that has live jazz music. A few of our friends had invited us and though it was good to see them, the music was loud and it was hard to chat. Overall, it has been a fun week! 

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