Talk of the Trains: Paying It Forward

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Paying It Forward

Yesterday, I went through the Starbucks drive thru at about 9 am for my Friday morning treat. I pulled up, the man handed me my coffee and said, "have a great day, yours has been taken care of." I think I kind of squinty-eyed-head-cocked funny looked at him and replied, huh?? By who? 
It turned out, that someone had come through the drive thru at just before 8 this morning and had purchased the car behind his coffee. This kind soul had also left a gift card with a balance on it, so someone who should not choose to pay it forward, they could keep the tradition going. For over an hour, each car had paid for the next persons coffee.  

How cool is that?? I of course not wanting to be the one to take my coffee and run, paid for the guys behind me and left Starbucks with warm fuzzys in my heart. I think at that point I tried to call about 4 people to tell them, just cause I was so excited about the nice person who started this whole thing all for a measly $4 or so. 

I was thinking about it too, cause this had been going on for just over an hour. The person in front of me paid for mine, I paid for the next, etc. etc. In the instance it stopped, whoever started it made sure to at least cover some ground by leaving a gift card with a balance. This could have gone on all day. Who knows. That guy who started it yesterday morning may never know how much he blessed some of us just by encouraging us that there are still kind people out there! 

...see, now I have good reasons to continue my starbucks addictions. :)
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  1. haha you have seen that movie too huh? :)
    Im so glad you were noble enough to continue that goodness :) we need more citizens like you LaLa!

  2. Starbucks has a drive-thru??!!? That's amazing! ;)

    Seriously, that's a really cool story. It makes me want to do something nice for someone.

  3. favorite post. even over the champster. i heart people with big hearts...and Jesus, the lover of hearts...and you. :)


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