Talk of the Trains: Fashion Police

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fashion Police

Weee, weee, weeee....reapeat over and over really fast til it sound like a police siren in your head. Now picture lots of flashing lights, and myself running in, badge in hand, ready to save the day.

That would be Lauren, the fashion police, pulling in and reporting for duty. People, I was NOT voted best dressed or anything for my senior class, and my favorite outfit still today is sweats and a t-shirt (thank you, mother). Given my lack of creditials, even I would venture to say that today's offender was carelessly dressed.

He was a giant stripe from head to toe. Spotted in line while waiting for Subway, I was mesmerized by all of his vertical lines. His shirt was blue, with light blue stripes. His pants were black, with white pin stripes. His shoes were black, with 2 pink stripes on them...I was waiting for him to turn so I could catch a glimpse of his sure to be striped tie. Much to my demise, I never saw the front of him.

I have included a picture, though unfortunately you cant see the stripes thanks to my less than obtrusive and secret camera phone...just take my word for it, EXCESSIVE.

There is one and only one reason for this...It must have been "Stripe Day" at his office and the employee with the most stripes on wins. He won.

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  1. soo wish i woulda just gone with ya lol

  2. hmmmm......really, just standing in line at Subway, with your mind just drifting. Sometimes it's ok to not notice others. As for your fashionata expertise....sweats & t shirts work just fine, and I'm proud of your style!


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