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Friday, June 6, 2008

The Wife Life

I just couldn't imagine starting a blog and not mentioning the newest (and greatest) occurrence in my life. MARRIAGE!! On April 5, CT3 and I tied the knot. The wedding was perfect and was truly a dream come true-thanks mom and dad! The church we were married in was the same church my parents got hitched in, and the reception was in downtown Atlanta. It was amazing to be surrounded by my family and friends on this wonderful day as I married my best friend!

I have to brag for a second here...Hubby and I had the best wedding party you could ever imagine...Eleven (aside) of our best friends, our great friend and mentor performing the service, the most wonderful photographer and hairstylist/makeup artist and the phenomenal-ist Maid of Honor and Flower Girls you have EVER seen!!!!!!! fact, I am considering renting out my MOH and FG's just cause they were THAT good and THAT beautiful...It was perfect.

Anyhoo, so that was the wedding. If you want more details, ask me later. As for "normal" life, we have been married for around 2 months and I guess you could say we have adjusted, or have adjusted as much as we can. The challenge comes in the fact that the hubby is on night shift. We are on total opposite schedules. Yes, completely opposite. For example, yesterday I came home from work and cooked tacos for dinner. I literally walked into our bedroom at about 6:30 pm and woke him for his "taco breakfast"....complete with salsa, cheeses and sour cream.

How disgusting is that??? If I were a good wife, I would be making him eggs, bacon and biscuts. Instead I make tacos [VOMIT HERE]. The good news is that he will be going to days soon, so for once we will be on a similar schedule. He is a trooper when it comes to flipping his body back and forth from day time to night time, though we will both be thankful when he can live as a normal person and not have to try to stay up for 30 straight hours just to have a social life.

We love our house and have quickly settled here. Other than that I am just trying to learn the ropes of how to be a good little wifey. If any of you out there have suggestions, please feel free to send my way!!! Here are the current things I am working on:
  • I dont like cooking, yet am trying a few times a week (please send me easy quick recipes -I am desperate for help).
  • I hate cleaning and can't say I have tried very hard. I know, I just need to suck it up, get over myself and do it.
  • I need a routine. We tried walking, after I get home from work and when he first wakes up, but there just arent enough hours in the day...and I was getting fat. Ha. So I joined a gym and he gets an extra hour of sleep or goes on his own. Getting into a routine is a pain in the booty.

Those are the biggies. All that said, stuff will slow for the summer. The past two weekends we were at weddings (I will post pics soon) and for the next month we dont have a thing on the schedule!!! It will be nice, but weird not having anything to do. My grand plan is to set goals for the above mentioned items, try and get in a routine here and make friends!!!!!!!

THEN, after this summer and finally 'being settled,' I will start grad school. Five years later I am going back to once again be a student. I guess working for a college has inspired me. My schedule and routine which I will build over summer, will be in shambles and hubby and I will be back at square least this time he will be on day shift!!!

Thats the latest and greatest. Here are a few more wedding pics...

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  1. keep up the great will come, fitness is forever, and cleaning is a necessary evil (but it makes you feel better once it' done)

  2. What a GREAT BLOG.

    Looks like you've been doing this for years, missy!



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