Talk of the Trains: Suisse Keyboards...and shoutout

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Suisse Keyboards...and shoutout

Do you know people who when they are talking to someone who has a thick foreign accent, they either talk louder or try to talk in a similar accent? ...Then they swear they are doing it because they will be understood better??

For example:
  • My sister and my dad go to a chinese restaurant and order in a quick fast accent, "I have won ord'r chik'n fly lice, peese." They swear that is how chinese people would say it and their loss of english grammar is somehow helpful to the listener....


  • My mom goes to a Mexican restaurant and greets the server with "hola, como estas?" ...then proceeds to TRY to speak Spanish to give her order. Reminder, mom hasnt had a spanish class in quite sometime...


  • A guy I used to work with used to YELL in the phone when he was talking to someone abroad, and I mean YELL, like we had to close our door to continue to think...AND the person on the other end was actually from America...they just lived overseas. Somehow the yelling, helped them to understand better??!
That brings me to today. Mom and sister are currently in Switzerland and I am seriously hoping they arent practicing their "Swiss accents" whilst speaking English in a vicious attempt to fit in.

So, in order to keep communications while they are abroad, we have been emailing and gchatting. (Side note, gchat is amazing for those of you who dont have it. You should immediately get it, and then invite me to chat. It will revolutionize your life...or at least shorten the boring days at work.)

Anyway, my sis and I were gchatting, or at least attempting to, and I thought she was trying to pull a funny on me and type how the people talk in instead of talking in an accent, typing to sound like it......Here are some takes from our chat:

Quote 1: "mom just said< ägo awaz bugs! how dare zou+"

Quote 2: "It was chilly zesterdaz, but is getting pretty todaz"

Quote 3: "have zou plazed with anz of faithäs wedding pics zou bze+ "

I called her out on it. She 'claims' the Suisse keyboards are all different than ours at home and even tried to justify herself by saying the z and y are opposite, the $ is in a different place, and the + sign is the shift key, etc. etc. but given her prior record, I am not convinced. Mom somehow has overcome the 'great keyboard odds' and seemingly types fairly normally in her emails...maybe sister is just overambitious in her typing abilities, who knows??

...she swears she will take a picture of it as proof and in my stubbornness, I am going to pretend she is lying until I see it with my own little eyes... yes people, I have traveled abroad so I know she is legit, I just thought it was funny given the track record my family has with communicating with people of other nationalities.

So thats all for now on the Suisse Keyboard stories. As I have now made fun of her, I thought I would be nice and follow up with a shout out. Everyone knows she (and I) are the biggest cut-ups and pranksters - and we love it and have fun with it. My husband fears hanging out with the two of us alone...I am not sure why though!??

I will add here, that my mom and dad are pretty looney themselves. I guess the ole apple doesnt fall far from the tree addage is true... Anyhoo, here are some examples of my sister's silliness and stunts:

Example A: We go to public places and speak with lisps...for example, "Yeth mam, I think the chicken thalad thandwich thoundth good. I will have that pleathe." She is fearless and it doesnt matter who she is talking to, depending on her mood, they will either get her normal voice or her lisp voice.

Example B: Venturing to Atlantic Station and hanging off of the escalators, just to get the "perfect picture" case you were wondering, she ate it when she got to the top and I think this was our second or third try. It was amazing.

The first couple of tries comprised of haphazard falls and almost getting her scarf stuck in the escalator (note how it is neatly tied up in the picture). This was the very first time we hung out together with CT3 (Christmas of 2006) and he was literally afraid...yes, it was in public in an outdoor mall which was hopping for the holiday season. We were courteous and let the shoppers get on the escalator before we mounted it for our stunt. I also think I have video of it...I will post that if I can find it :)

Example C: Going to putt putt golf places, not to play putt putt, but to work on our skill of balancing golf clubs...Kristin on the left, me in the middle and Laura (Fred) on the right. I think Fred also brings out the best in Kristin, but that is a whole-nother blog for a whole-nother day....

Bottom line: She is cool. You should hang out with her.

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  1. haha. I laughed out loud twice on that one. twice. it wath very thweet.

  2. muAHAHAHahahaha° if zou even knew.

    next is shift 1234567890'^
    + " * ç % & / ( ) ` = ? `
    next is ctrl alt 1234567890'^
    ¦ @ # ° § ¬ | ¢ ´ ~
    there is also § and ° beneath escape, and to the right of L is
    ö ä $, then with shift it is é à £
    to the right of p is ü ¨ with shift it is è ! and with control alt it is [ and ]
    the < > and \ all share a button and that is to the left of y which is where z usuallz is!

    that looks about all right now. anticipate the photograph.


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