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Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Nickname

Since my dad was the one who sparked this post idea, I figured I'd wait til Father's Day, and post it in honor of him and his creativity.

Dad does a good job of emailing me from week to week to keep me abreast of various life details. At first, I just figured he emailed me, since he didnt know my cell phone number and didnt know how to text. I am proud to say though, that even since he has learned my phone number, and figured out the game of texting, he has still remained faithful to his email ministry.

His emails are usually addressed to LBo or Ya Ya, so I thought it was a typo, when last week he addressed his normal newsy email to "LBoT". Then it hit me. My new nickname. I am not gonna lie, as it was at this point, I kind of sat staring at the computer, my brain trying to adjust to my new name. Then I began to ponder....

Have you ever thought about nicknames?? Everyone has one, two or maybe ten. All my life, I have gone by a few choice nicknames: Bowen, LBo, Ya Ya, LB, Warren G, just to name a couple. A person's nickname can be derived from all sorts of things and can come from many different places and of course be given by friend or foe. Think about it:

  • shortened versions of their real name (Em for Emily)

  • personal characteristics/traits (Grace for someone who is not so graceful)

  • last names (Bowen)

  • rhymes with (shenanigan for flanagan)

  • ...and on and on and on.

Well, now that I am no longer officially a "Bowen" I started to be saddened that "Bowen" will no longer be one of my nicknames. Though, L-Train (as deemed by Seth) has a nice ring to it, I think it will still take an adjustment.

I guess Dad's email last week, and him craftily shifting my old nickname to the new, was officially the changing of the tide. I must embrace my new nicknames and learn to let go of the old. I also realized that its not necessarily the nickname, or WHAT you are called, its more about WHO gave it to you and HOW it came about.

Ya ya will always be a favorite, and LBoT works as well, though makes me feel slightly robotic. I'll let you know if it grows on me....I am sure since Dad started it, I will soon have an affinity for it. I heart my dad, and his creative nicknames.

Now that I am on this nickname kick, I am curious...what are YOUR favorite names and who gave them to you??? Pin It Now!


  1. large Marge certainly was never my favorite, but I accepted it with grace as it was my oldest and wisest daughter and her friends that used it. Sad, but true!!

  2. it was a term of endearment....and rhymed well :)

  3. I got Sethrey and Sethers and many more that took derivatives of Hathcock...I think the first two were more favorable.

  4. robotic...hahaha!
    most of mine come from liz or mcg, though big money seemed random! And I was never partial to "princess terd in the ear" from 5th grade...

  5. name from Scott. And since my last name used to be Grose, you can imagine. Hope you get updates when people can set it to do that. Glad to read your blog and I will definitely add it to a favorite on my blog!


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