Talk of the Trains: Jack

Sunday, June 22, 2008


CT3 and I were leaving to go to Atlanta. We walked outside and there he was. His little four legged furry self, prancing right up our driveway...

Side note: CT3 and I normally don't like "punt-able" dogs. "Punt-able" dogs defined as those able (of size small enough) to be picked up and punted. CT3 and I much prefer the larger ones of those of the canis lupis species. When the time comes for us to get one, we will definitely be looking towards the Lab or Retriever type. 

Anyway, he was so cute. Tiny. Fuzzy. Cute. AND punt-able...he first went up to CT3. No tags on the collar. Typical. We are trying to get out the door, get on the road and a cute little pup is lost on our doorstep. As CT3 bent down to pet him, we realized that he was thirsty. CT3 went to get him water and the puppy tried to follow him in the house. I called him and he came to me! He came over and plopped himself down on my feet. In an instance my heart was changed. I named him "Jack" and fell in love. 

We gave Jack some water and petted him for a few minutes, before he headed on his merry way. CT3 and I left the water out for him, and got on the road. As we drove, I talked about Jack non-stop. I told my friends and family and I forced CT3 to tell his parents (i.e. me yelling as he was on the phone with them)

Then I realized....Obsessed. After 5 minutes with this little thing I was obsessed. I am either really desperate or I really liked this little dog! There was even one point, I began secretly praying that he would be on my doorstep the next morning, just waiting for me to return. 

It was at that point which I made CT3 promise that if he was still here when we got back, we could keep him...well at least for a time.  I wondered about the family who lost him, and I wondered if he had made it home okay. I wondered if he had come back for more water off of our doorstep. I wondered if he came back if I could really keep him, or would I be forced to do the right thing and look for the oh so sweet puppies owner?? 

As all of the crazy dog thoughts ran rampantly through my brain, I nagged CT3 and talked constantly about Jack. I basically did everything but begged for my own little one...okay, so maybe I begged just a little. I secretly think too, that CT3 liked him and had Jack returned, he TOTALLY would have let me keep him. 

Much to my dismay, we returned home this morning and have yet to see Jack. We heard something outside this afternoon and CT3 went to go check, but it was a neighbors dog. The more I think about him, the sadder I am that he is not here with me. Selfish, I know, considering the poor dog wasn't even mine to begin with but I have thoroughly enjoyed pretending like Jack belonged to me and until we get my dog (which will be eons from now), I will continue to think about him.....and probably still pretend he is mine....

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