Monday, June 9, 2008


CT3 visited IHOP in Kansas last year and loved it. We have often talked about making a trip there, however, being broke and not having leave days at work doesnt fare well for the travel bug stuck within....

Anyhoo, after church yesterday we dined at McAlister's. The people at the table next to us were holding up a brochure that said "IHOP Macon." We were intrigued as the only time I had heard of such was when my b.f.f. JMac had mentioned coming to Macon for some sort of weekend thing with IHOP.

Then it began. Me, being the sneaky one I am, told CT3 to discreetly turn and check it out. Strategies were discussed. What tactics would we use to ask them about it? How could we get the scoop without revealing the fact that I was totally snooping and eavesdropping on their table??

We came up with many absurd and silly scenarios, and frankly, I was looking forward to walking them out. (Actually, I was just looking forward to observing CT3 go through with it, as he is the mature one in our relationship. No worries, I'm cool with my child-like status.) ...Much to my despair, they made it too easy for us.

A new person walked up and didnt have a chair. So, obviously they turned and asked us for one of ours. It was that open door that allowed us to ask them about their brochure. Here's what we found out...

CONFIRMED: IHOP (International House of Prayer) is officially in Macon!!! Wahoo!! How random is that??? Macon, GA, we now have one in our backyard!! Apparantly, that "weekend retreat" that I thought JMac was talking about was really IHOP Macon's grand opening. (Yes, JMac, next time you talk, I will pay MUCH better attention, I SWEAR!!!!!!)

CT3 and I are estatic!!! I dont know much now, other than the snazzy brochure we were given, but I feel certain that a venture to Macon IHOP will soon be on the agenda...
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  1. And here I was thinking you were jazzed about an International House of Pancakes. Not that I can't get excited about pancakes...

  2. Let's be honest, you'll never pay much more attention while I'm talking...and...if you would have, you wouldn't have this cool story for your snazzy new blog. case closed. peace

  3. I mus admit, I too thought you were talking about pancakes. I actually have a friend who went out to the IHOP. He loved it. I love their syrup.

  4. I don't know about the one in Macon (you will have to let me know) but there is some awesome worship coming out of the one in Kansas. Many of their peeps led at The Call in Nashville....Misty Edwards being the most noted...check out her stuff.


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