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Monday, June 9, 2008

Hello Mr. President

I HAD TO TRY IT. The rumors are true...I had heard that if you send the President a wedding invitation, that he (a.k.a. his million person staff) will respond. CT3 thought I was crazy, and my dad took out the response card for fear of family embarrassment. Thankfully for me, the White House Corespondents are smarter than the average bear and found our return address embossed on the back of the envelope. 

About 4 weeks post wedding, we received our congratulatory note. No gift of course, but I didnt expect one since we got the note the same week of his daughters wedding. We will forgive George and Laura since they were probably preoccupied.....

I would like to note here, that the etiquette was perfect as well. Hand addressed, formal names used, etc. 

Text reads:
Congratulations to you both on this wonderful day. Your marriage is a celebration of your love and commitment to each other. May this deep and meaningful bond provide strength and friendship in the years ahead. We send our wishes for a lifetime of happiness together. Sincerely, George/Laura

It was a glorious day and after I pull the note from the fridge, it will definitely be in my wedding scrapbook....I have heard that Mickey Mouse does the same thing...I will leave that one up to someone else to figure out.

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  1. So cool! Wish I had known this when I got married. I think they also send bday cards to anyone over 80, if you ask nicely.

    Cool post on the uses of blogging:
    Thought I'd share. May just help me get back to mine!


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