Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Get It, Granny...

Oh, you don't even know.....

This afternoon, I left work and went to workout at my little workout place. It has become my standard routine to scoot by for a bit and get a workout in before heading home to wake the hubby.

I have gotten pert near good at the arc trainer, and I ride the bike a lot, so today I figured I would add a little variety...well variety I got.

I changed into my swim suit, grabbed my water bottle and headed to the pool. I walked in, and there were older ladies lounging around. That should have been my first clue. There were no lap lanes in the water...clue number two. So, I am kind of aimlessly wandering, and an older woman walked up to me and asked if class started at 5:30.

I sheepishly and slightly confused like, just shrugged my shoulders. I had apparently reverted back to kindergarten, as shyness had set in and I was unable to communicate with the inquisitive white-haired lady. At about that time, a stocky lady (clad in her speedo and water shoes) bounced over and asked if I was new....yep, I had just been called out, and for what, I was still clueless.

"Yes mam, I am a member here, but this is my first time to the pool," I replied....it was all downhill from there. The teacher lady (I don't know her name) explained to me that it was a 'water aerobics' class, and then proceeded to demonstrate some of the key moves that I would need to know once we got started...then told me to get in the water. I was stuck.

So much for lap swimming. I am now in a class with twelve 65+ year old ladies, and possibly two that were within the 45-55 range....and a teacher who talked like a man, made jokes to herself and kindly (and often) referred to me as the new girl.

First, I wish you could have been there. We did moves called the can can, cross country skier, rocking horse, yee haw and the list goes on and on. I was pretty much the water aerobics stud.

Second, I wish you could have seen these women. One of them had a roller skate tattoo that took up approximately 3/4 of her back -quite obviously a bad mistake on a wild night from her youth. Another woman sang along to the blasting 80's techno the WHOLE time (and no, she wasn't on key and didn't know the words...). One of them, well, lets just say she was a lot more buoyant than the rest of us...maybe had some extra help up top if ya know what I mean?? And my other favorite was the old lady who talked about the others as if they weren't in the water.

The class lasted for an hour. A FULL HOUR. I kept looking at the clock, as I had no idea what to expect. We did all sorts of fancy water moves (I am not sure they did anything for my muscles), ran in lots of circles and ended with some tricks with pool noodles and stretching.

Unfortunately, that may have been my first and last water aerobics class. I will give the Granny's credit, I am glad they are out there and making friends and getting some exercise, but its not my thing.

...next time I will be sure check the pool schedule more closely for those two little words, "lap swim."
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  1. L- this entry is good on so many levels. First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed that you used 'pert near good.' Second, it's simply hilarious...I'm trying to picture it in my head. HA-HA!

  2. I used 'pert near good' in honor of Julie...and please do not try to picture it, in fact, I am trying to rid it from my mind! HA. Lets just pray I dont see the ladies from my class hanging around the gym...heck, I might not recognize them in real clothes...

  3. Ok, so obviously you did not spend much time at the Student Rec center at Alabama or you would have known to watch out for those water aerobics classes....the sad part is that I watched those classes many a day from the weight room so I have an almost PERFECT picture of you flittering around in that pool with the gray hairs....my friend this is hilarious....HAHAHAHAHA

  4. I'm so proud of you!!! Ha-ha-ha!!!

  5. You left out that the whole time you were in the water, you were thinking to yourself "Oh I cannot WAIT to blog about this" weren't you? Tell the truth!

    Actually I saw a Water Aerobics class taking place last time I was at the YMCA. The funny thing is I couldn't see the people in the pool, just the teacher on the side, doing all the goofy moves by herself... not in the water... I hope they were paying her well cause she looked really silly.

  6. no, i seriously was...i was trying and thinking so hard, just trying to engrave into my memory each and every little incident, soley to be able to post on my blog...you just wait. next time i see you, i am going to do my water aerobics moves for you...i hope we are in public, as i know you will be proud to stand by and call me your friend...

  7. we would love to have you all come visit! anytime! our door is open....


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