Talk of the Trains: The Flashlight Fight

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Flashlight Fight

The flashlight sounds like a common little household item that most people have, yeah?? Well, with the vicious storms we have sustained lately, my flashlight has been my comfort, and lived by my side. I would be stuck home alone in the dark, and there he was, Mr. Flashlight, standing by to faithfully rescue me the second that the power would go out.

Well, my flashlight was not my own. It was CT3's and much to my dismay, he actually uses it for work, firefighting, etc. Just as quickly as I had gotten it, it was taken away. As he pried it from my desprate little fingertips (okay, so he really just took it back out of the bedroom), he promised he'd get me another one.

A couple of days later he had fulfilled his promise and bought me my own brand spankin new flashlight! I know what you're thinking...why is this chic excited about a flashlight? Well, when your husband works nights and the power goes out at 3 am and you cant even see your own nose, Mr. Flashlight becomes a life saver.

Yesterday rolls around, he brings up the flashlight...I get all excited and ask estatically, "oh yeah! where is it!?" CT3 just burst out laughing. As I inquired about his laughter, he told me that a lady at work needed to borrow it. Fine, I am MY new toy to her. Whatever. It is just a flashlight, right???

Well, him being the wonderful gentleman he was, had gone into work and when the lady asked to borrow one he told her he had a new one she could use. Apparantly, the lady thought he had bought it/given it to HER. What CT3 was loaning-MY flashlight, she took as a gift. Yes, not only that, but then went around the plant telling everyone about how sweet he was and boasting of her new light. She thanked him profusely and CT3 was a hero for the night. Given her excitement over the petty item, he could not dare break her heart with the news that IT WASNT HERS!!!!!!!!!! Now I am once again stuck without, though justified in that I am not the only one who gets excited about flashlights.

Maybe I am just doomed to be stuck in the dark...

P.S. I swear I wont only write about random objects and food...though food is a top concern, be prepared for a real life update soon!!!
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  1. haha. you should buy, ahem, CT3 should buy you a headlamp. they're much cooler than people think.

  2. I agree with Sethers. Make him buy you a headlamp. You should start blogging about my very strange coworker and THE HERD that lives next to me :)


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